Are you sick of dieting? Do you think of your life in terms of “being good on your diet, or being off of it?” Can you recall past years simply by remembering what size you were? Have you spent enough money on various weight loss gimmicks to buy a small country?

You’re not alone!


Some of the most intelligent people in the world are overweight. Those who experience success in many areas of life find themselves helpless to fight the daily “battle of the bulge.” They experience frustration and feelings of inadequacy. Doctors are overweight. Spiritual leaders, teachers, and scientists are overweight. Mothers, fathers, sisters, daughters, sons, toddlers, even pets are overweight! Obesity is not a closet illness. If you’re overweight, it shows! Clothing designs are chosen for their ability to camouflage extra pounds.

TV blares continually about the dangers of obesity. The medical profession does everything except stand on its head to alert society of the dangers of excess weight. Obviously the majority of the public is willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to achieve the weight of their dreams. Yet it rages on, bigger and uglier than ever. With the exception of the desperate few who will undergo surgery such as gastric bypass or cosmetic procedures, weight loss appears to be the one thing money simply cannot buy.

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