For Problematic Cases-Lupus, thyroid

For those with medical issues Lupus, diabetes, cardiac, thyroid

  • 45 minutes
  • 500 US dollars
  • phone, online, FT

Service Description

Find your perfect diet. The problem the world faces is that everyone is completely different, requiring different food chemistries. Every weight loss plan, or nutrition plan is designed on the principle that everyone needs the same things daily. It's simply not true. Let Catie design a program for your exact needs. It will fit your physical, emotional and social life. It takes 30 days to perfect this. Watch your life change dramatically for the better. You will have an overall sense of wellbeing. You will not be hungry. You will have better moods, stabilized blood sugar, and less inflammation. This is great for Lupus, Diabetes, Cardiac,or anyone desiring to know what is truly best for them You will not be weighed or turn in urinalysis daily. However, you will get the following: 1. Initial private consult with Catie. She will go over your medical history. It will last up to one hour by phone or FT 2. Catie customizes a nutritional plan that will help you live healthier. Many clients have gone into remission from Lupus and other auto immune while following Catie's customized program. 3. You will send food diary to Catie weekly, and she will respond vial email , or text, or phone . 4. Catie tweaks your program weekly to find the perfect program for you 5. Catie will consult with your physician if necessary The goal with this program is to get as healthy as possible to reverse side effects of many physical and psychological illnesses. 6. This program is for 30 days. Many experience the results they desire within this 30 days