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Beginning her career in fitness in 1977, Catie soon discovered a need beyond exercise. People needed help losing weight and maintaining . She realized exercise alone didn't achieve desired weight goals.  With a member filled gym, she began the journey of helping people lose weight one person at a time.  Combining principles of sound nutrition with emotional support, Catie embarked on a journey that would exceed 4 decades.


She says: "I had to learn it through experience because there was no-one that "could" teach me the skills necessary to help people with this complex problem. There is so much more to weight loss than simply "following a diet". Everyone is different, their metabolisms are different, and they change every 3 days. It has taken me a lifetime to gain the knowledge that I now have. Unfortunately the obesity rate has grown faster than I could help. One person at a time method is simply too slow. The world is now in a crisis. It is my goal to share the unique knowledge and scientific principles that I've discovered with everyone willing to hear. It's time to heal the world. The internet has arrived just in time. "

*Developed Chains of Weight Clinics:

  Guaranteed Weight Loss Systems

  Diet by Design

*Founder and developer "International Eating Disorder Institute"

*CEDC (Certified Eating Disorder Counselor

*Recognized by Congressmen, Senators, House of Representatives, and the White House for her global             contributions in the fight against obesity and the promotion of wellness

*Taught Master College Professors at University

*Taught physician CME courses


*Created "Weight Warriors" a Christ Centered Weight Loss Program


*Created and starred in RealityTV 1995

*Author Newspaper Column: "Ask Catie"

*Author "Diet Secrets"

*Author "Help God I'm Fat"

*Author"Lose 10 lbs in 10 days-Guaranteed"

*Personally helped over 40,000 people reach their weight goals

*Opened first US clinic specializing in treatment of over 600lb clients

*Discovered the exhaustive science of "Ketosis"soon to publish 

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