About Catie

Certified Eating Disorder Counselor &
KETO Expert

A leading global authority , Catie has been helping people lose weight and reach health related goals for over four decades. Heralded by the likes of Mother Teresa’s Org, the White House, Medical Associations and more, she harbours tremendous results.


A pioneer in the world of wellness, Catie  developed one of the first hospital  eating disorder treatment programs in the world.  After effectively helping thousands of people win the war over obesity and it’s related illnesses, she firmly believes that the battle must be fought in the triune self. Catie states,”There’s more to losing weight than simply going on a diet. It is one of the most difficult things in life. It effects the spirit, the soul (mind, will & emotions) as well as the physical body.” ​


Utilizing her history as an eating disorder specialist, she  takes unhealthy weight off  by  incorporating food chemistry combining with proper “Keto-Care. This innovative approach results in rapid fat loss with long term results. Catie’s Keto program assures a healthy weight loss without developing excess flab. The best part is, weight is lost without harmful side effects usually found when a person goes on a “no-carb” or deep ketogenic diet.